Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Membership

If you completed either the Bachelor and/or the Master of Biomedical Sciences in Switzerland, you are eligble to join our association.

Of course you can. Just hit the button “Mecome a Member” and you are all set!

Your first year is our treat. After, it costs 50CHF per year. If you refer a friend, we reduce your membership fee to 25CHF.

We are very sorry to hear that. Let us convince you again to stay!
If you still decide to leave the association, just contact and inform us about your desicion and we will update your membership status. You are free to join anytime again.

We are very happy to hear that. Please contact us and we can meet (currently remotely) in order to discuss our partnership. Welcome aboard!

The annual membership fee is 200CHF for educational or industrial institutions.

FAQ Bachelor and/or Master

Absolutely. Just hit the “Contact Us” buttom and we will get in touch with you and try to answer all your questions.

Feel free to contact us. We will try to help you!

Let us know your thoughts and we can provide you contacts to various labs so you can find the best spot for you!

Get your first year for FREE!